Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons Throughout her life, the artist constantly questioned and explored religious ideals and concepts as well as her own spirituality. This is evident in her art, where Joan Maggi´s work was


Seas of Emotion

Seas of Emotion Joan Maggi´s abstracts are numerous, and although they range in size from very small to immense, they all share an equally powerful impact. With her trademark use of vibrant color


Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens Joann Maggi's admiration for the portraits of majestic figures and the European elite painted by the great portrait artists such as Hals, Rembrandt or Velasquez is shared by scores of


The Seated Woman

The Seated Woman What better way to represent the scope and breadth of an artist’s repertoire and style than to show a common theme and how it is treated throughout an artist’s career?