Project Description

The Power of Symbols and Imagery

There are endless adjectives to describe the work of Joan Maggi. Some of her pieces are happy, whimsical interpretations of old themes, while other pieces are dark, mysterious and yet alluring.  As with most artists, the comprehension of a piece is impossible without being able to get into the artist’s head, to feel her emotions at the time she painted the piece, to be fully immersed in her world. However, the pieces in this exhibit give one a glimpse  of the ups and downs of her life. Her artwork tells a story that is reflective of all of us at some point or another, and this is enhanced by her use of symbolism and imagery in this powerful collection of pieces.

We all have an animal in us; We all have felt like we can touch the heavens, We all have felt betrayed. Joan Maggi captured raw emotion and transposed a feeling into concrete images.  In this exhibit, the artist also shows her many influences, such as that of Braque in Analytic Holding, Egyptian art in Anubis, Mexican art in the Naguel, while displaying strong elements of symbolism, such as that of truth in In the Garden II, or death in the King of Wands.

I have added my commentaries to the pieces that most impacted me. As you look at these images try to relate them to your life. Contemplate on the title, the colors, the shapes, the symbols and imagery presented, the possible meaning for the artist, but most importantly, what it means to you. Enjoy.

Michelle Kahn, B.A. Art History, Florida International University