Project Description

The Seated Woman

What better way to represent the scope and breadth of an artist’s repertoire and style than to show a common theme and how it is treated throughout an artist’s career?

The seated woman is a theme which passes through decades of the artist’s work. By looking at the seated woman over the course of over two decades of work, one can appreciate the evolution of the artist, her increasing mastery of various media, as well as exhibiting how the artist learned to use that same medium and context to communicate and create different moods and feelings.

The seated woman is also relevant in representing the building blocks of study of the human form which helped the artist to build her work upon, a mold from which she then diversified and created her own stamp as an artist. The theme for this virtual exhibition was inspired by a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art which I attended with her in the summer of 1994, Picasso and the Weeping Woman. Please enjoy this, the first of many Joan Maggi virtual exhibitions.